Delighted to bring a new guest post to the Club. From the very excellent @essexmama. She thought she could, so she did. Go Liz x

Motherhood was one of those journeys that I knew I would hopefully embark on. I couldn’t tell you when, how it would feel or how I would be. I was never a maternal girl, but as a teen I had a Saturday job at Mothercare, I knew all the ‘stuff’ facts & I thought those tiny hands & feet which waved out of the car seats that folk came into the shop with, were pretty cute.

So, when it happened, I was anxious, curious & excited. Pregnancy was pretty awesome, I thought I was invincible & continued to work the mega hours that a solo position in a busy retail Head Office demanded. I wanted to leave the role in good stead for returning to it 6 months later & hitting the ground running (cos obviously that’s the ideal right? That’s what happens to every working mother?).

Alas, motherhood was a challenge I hadn’t prepared myself for despite wearing my preggo crown proudly. Six months in, I was just well enough to tackle being a mum with gusto & therefore, extended my leave. So after a full year in the saddle & ready to get my work groove on, I was knocked off kilter when we realised that returning to full time work in central London just wasn’t financially viable – travel costs, childcare costs covering long hours & non-existent part time roles.  And, there I was, a bit lost. I spent the next 15 months feeling ‘antsy’, I needed to do ‘stuff’, make ‘stuff’, think ‘stuff’ but I just didn’t know what that ‘stuff’ was.

Fast forward to February this year, I wanted a t-shirt with the words ‘Girl Gang’ on it. Not sure why, but since I entered the world of Mamahood & joined the Insta-mum clan, I realised just how truly mega the support of other women was. My partner is an incredible man, he’s my everything & my biggest fan, but he will never know what a messed up day you can have under the influence of the dreaded H (hormones!!). But these women – my girls & my Insta-girls – get it. It’s the Sisterhood. It’s positive and it’s real. It’s a pick you up or a lift you higher. It’s infectious. I wanted to ‘wear’ it.

So I made a tee with ‘Girl Gang’ on the front, a logo I designed, cut & applied. (I received a craft machine for Christmas in the hope I would find a little hobby envisaging myself as a 1950s housewife of sorts! I jest.) It felt good, it wasn’t ground breaking but I had made it. So I wore it. Had a day with fellow mamas & came home feeling empowered. Took a rare selfie & popped it on my Instagram. Thought nada about it.


Then the questions came, the orders followed, the frantic search for a t-shirt supplier ensued & somehow, mid flu battle, I set-up a website & began making tees from my kitchen table every night into the early hours once the babe was in bed & the bigger babe was fed. It’s all by accident, it’s a bit frantic but it is 100% the challenge I was missing. I may not be in my swivelly chair surrounded by office banter getting a kick outta achieving someone else’s targets, but I am making my own goals, making my loved ones proud, raising my child and I sure as hell get a kick out of seeing perfect strangers proudly posting snaps of themselves wearing MY tees. Every single photo gives me butterflies, I made that & you’re wearing it. I thank you.



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