There’s something in my eye…

When your youngest child starts school.*


Never have I winged it more
Pretending I’m okay
Deep breaths in, red lipstick on
It’s hard to walk away

All you’ll see my darling
Is mummy’s smile and pride
As you step into the classroom
Excitement in your stride

They say the time goes quickly
But never did I know
That time would often stop and let me
Wallow in your glow

And your glow will only get brighter
As you learn of the world so wide
What will you be when you grow up
It doesn’t matter, just enjoy the ride

A lesson from your mummy
Who wings things every day
Never, ever stop learning
Some things are hard, but that’s okay

Because trying your best is what matters
Yes, some things won’t work out, it’s true
But give it a go, and push yourself hard
There’ll be no limit to what you can do

Never have I winged it more
All I can do is try
I may just wear my sunglasses though
I think there’s something in my eye…


To my girls. You are amazing.
Go get ’em.

*Before you ask (everyone has), no, we’re not planning on having another x

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