What a year. Plenty to reflect upon but oh so much fun to be had in planning what’s next. So glad I started the Club and have met some bloody brilliant people in doing it.

I’m lining up a series of brilliant women who will be sharing their thoughts on their life and career and how winging it has been a big part of their journey on the blog.

From the Director of Comms at Alzheimer’s Society who is gearing up for a huge year as she prepares the charity to tackle one of the most pressing health concerns of our time; to the author of ‘And Breathe’ – a breathing professional and yoga teacher who will share tips on conscious breathing for a better life. To a former textiles lecturer at Manchester University who has gone on to set up her own brilliant venture and recently scooped a listing on Not on the High St.

Hopefully these pieces and others that follow will inspire you and give you the confidence you need to go in whatever direction is right for you.

Some other fun things planned for the new year too ❤.

Happy New Year.

Take a deep breath and get some air under them wings. You’re gonna fly x ❤

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