Winging It Warriors

With all that’s going on in the world, I’ve struggled with backing the entire concept behind winging it when people in the most powerful, governing positions clearly have no idea what they’re doing and no positive intent to go with it – it’s difficult to make a case for backing those that do wing it or actually feel vaguely positive about yourself when you do it yourself.

But then, there are people, amazing people, utterly brilliant people, that show you the way. With a dose of courage, a splash of determination and a heart of solid gold, they prove to you that winging it with a positive intent can not only make you feel better about the world, but highlight that even if you don’t know what you’re doing, putting one foot in front of the other with a smile on your face and a determination that can move mountains, can make brilliant things happen.


Molly Gunn, Founder, Selfish Mother and The FMLY Store

Molly Gunn founded Selfish Mother in 2014. Selfish Mother has gone on to not only give a platform to mums to write their experiences about everything that motherhood brings with it via its blogzine, but also to sell #GoodTees – the most comfortable tees and sweats known to mother and fatherkind. The kind that midwives and health visitors should brief you on at the ante-natal stage for comfort and style sakes.

The kind that give back with every purchase to wonderful charities to help people. Yesterday, Molly announced that via the sale of #GoodTees since 2014, more than £500k has been raised for those charities.

And Molly still insists that she’s winging it.

That’s how brilliant people can be. Molly, we salute you.

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