Meet the Panel

Our guest panel for the workshop is made up of a group of inspiring ladies who will be sharing their journey of how they found their passion and what they do to nurture it every day.

Ladies, we can’t wait to see you.

Becks at HYP 2

Rebecca, Founder HYP Candles

HYP Candles began when Rebecca became pregnant with her daughter in 2014.

Having always loved aromatherapy with a house usually full of scented candles, when she became pregnant, Rebecca searched hard for products that she felt confident were completely natural and safe for use during pregnancy. It was also important for her to find a fragrance that she could use when practising her hypnobirthing relaxation and that could then be used during her labour.

Fast forward a few months, her daughter had arrived and Rebecca decided to train to become a hypnobirthing teacher. “I wanted to provide my couples with an aromatherapy candle to complement their practice and then wondered, why would I do this with someone else’s product when I could look at creating my own pregnancy candles? So that’s what I did.”

The team at HYP Candles have worked closely with aromatherapists to ensure that they can provide women with the reassurance that oils in their candles can be used during pregnancy.

Kate, Co-Founder, The Garden, Hale

Kate is unapologetically passionate about life. She loves to nourish her body with vibrant and nutrient rich food. Her vision for her business, The Garden was not just to offer a healthy and nutritious dining out option at an establishment that champions sustainability, but also to be a source of inspiration and collaboration with like-minded souls who share her and her team’s enthusiasm for bettering ourselves and the world we live in.

The Garden recently celebrated its second anniversary and last year saw a pop up shop launch in Selfridges.

Sarah Yoga Kula.jpg

Sarah, Co-Founder, The Yoga Kula

Formerly a registered nurse, Sarah changed the direction of her career and her health four years ago when she trained as a Yoga teacher in Hong Kong. Sarah has used Yoga and meditation to transform her physical and mental wellbeing, recovering from a lower back injury and Major Depressive Disorder.

Sarah strives to inspire others to empower themselves and transform their lives.


Loren Taylor, Businesswoman

Loren started a contractor payroll business in December 2009 and took it from inception to sale in six years. The business started with Loren and a business partner in a small office – they grew to having a team of 15 employees.

Facing huge learning curves and overcoming gender barriers in the process, Loren’s perseverance and positivity enabled her to succeed. She used the law of attraction and image boards to keep focused and as a result happily achieved her aims.

Loren doesn’t deny that owning a business is challenging and hard work, but says there is nothing quite like having your own business.

ALex Jones 

Alex Jones, Illustrator & Designer 

Alex is an illustrator, designer and former head of a bridal shop. You can see some of her designs and beautiful gift cards at The Garden in Hale.

Winging It Workshops


Ceriann is the Founder of Winging It Club and co –founder of Winging It Workshops.

A PR consultant for more than 15 years, Ceriann has recently set up her own PR business working with companies and organisations that make a difference in the world.

Ceriann founded Winging It Club in early 2016 after the brilliant Selfish Mother brought a suggestion she made to life… ‘Winging It’ jumpers went on to a swift sell out of the first batch and became a bestseller in their shop with a significant portion of profits going to charity.

For Ceriann, ‘winging it’ isn’t about not caring about the effort you put in, it’s about allowing and pushing yourself to do something that feels right even if you don’t 100% know what you’re doing. Something which studies show women are notoriously reluctant to do. She hopes the workshops will go some way to helping people to unlock their confidence and boundless potential.


Caroline is co-founder of Winging It Workshops and is a big believer in inspiring and developing the talents of women. Having met many talented women in her life, Caroline has become fascinated with hearing their stories and wants to share them with you.

Caroline has a corporate background in talent initiatives as well as strong beliefs in and experience of creative visualisation and the law of attraction. Caroline is also in the process of becoming an accredited business and life coach.

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