Workshop Wrap


Still buzzing after the first Winging It Workshop last night! Huge thanks to our brilliant and inspiring panel and to all the wonderful ladies who came with an open heart and mind to the opportunities the evening might offer.

By way of a summary of the evening, we asked our panel for the best piece of advice they could give everyone in the room. Here’s what they had to say:

Kate, Co-Founder, The Garden 

“Believe in yourself and stay true to your goal even when people question what you’re doing.”

Becks, Founder, HYP Candles

“Use your contacts! They are invaluable especially when you’re starting out.”

Panel pic

Sarah, Co-Founder, The Yoga Kula

“Self over ego. Be true to yourself and not who you think you should be.”

Loren, Businesswoman

“Remember where you came from and stay focused.”

Alex, Designer and Illustrator

“Whatever you do, do it with passion and with the opportunity to make some money. Aim to be the best in your field or have a completely unique offering to everyone else out there.”

Booking for the next series of workshops is now open via the link below. We have three dates currently available in Cheshire and we’ll soon be revealing news of additional locations across the country.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Winging It Workshops @ The Garden Hale

– Wednesday 19th April

– Wednesday 24th May

– Wednesday 21st June



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