Meet the Panel #2

Just under two weeks to go to the next workshop and we welcome yet more inspiring ladies to the guest panel who will each be sharing their stories of winging it, getting through the day to day, inspirations and passions.

Just a couple more spaces left at the April workshop – link here if you want to grab one of them: Winging It Workshop @ Eventbrite

Ladies, we can’t wait to see you.

Chalet Shop

Sally, Co-Founder Chalet Shop

Chalet Shop was created by old friends, Hannah Allen and Sally Ingham, who share a passion for skiing and the mountains borne out of years of experience of living, working and holidaying in the Alps.

Hannah spent eight years renovating, setting up and managing Sir Richard Branson’s exclusive Virgin Limited Edition ski chalet in Verbier.  During this time she gained first-hand experience of how challenging it can be to source unique and high quality furnishings at sensible prices in the Alps.  After years of dealing with a long list of international suppliers and overcoming complex delivery scenarios, the idea for Chalet Shop was born.

Now re-united in the UK, the ladies have pooled resources, contacts and enthusiasm to create the beautiful Chalet Shop range, ready to be delivered to the mountains in a few simple clicks.


Lucy, Founder Acorn & Pip

We all want the little people in our lives to be the happiest and healthiest that they can be – so where do Acorn & Pip come in? Acorn & Pip deliver an array of hand-picked, mindfully chosen children’s items that will inspire happiness and inquisitiveness to every family they meet.

The Acorn & Pip venture began when Lucy became a mother for the first time – it totally transformed the way she sees the world; albeit slightly more tired, a world through the eyes of a child is a much more exciting and intriguing place!

A combination of new motherhood mixed with her passion and background in children’s education, Acorn & Pip has grown into a much-loved haven where the child is at the heart of every selling and buying decision Lucy makes.

Tidy Tots

Jennifer, Creator and Director – Tidy Tot

As a new mum, Jennifer found weaning incredibly stressful….and incredibly messy.  

In a desperate attempt to save her sanity (and carpet!) Jennifer set about making a real solution to the mess problem herself!  The first iteration of Tidy Tot was made from chopsticks, a muslin square and some sticky tape! They’ve come a very long way since then, and have had the benefit of feedback from mums and their babies every step of the way.  There is not one part of the Tidy Tot design that has not been tried and tested by parents, and Jennifer never stops listening to customer feedback.

With multiple awards under her belt and a rapidly growing list of retail listings, they’ve come a long way from the home-made prototype of 4 years ago.


Sarah, Co-Founder The Yoga Kula

Formerly a registered nurse, Sarah changed the direction of her career and her health four years ago when she trained as a Yoga teacher in Hong Kong. Sarah has used Yoga and meditation to transform her physical and mental wellbeing, recovering from a lower back injury and Major Depressive Disorder.

Sarah strives to inspire others to empower themselves and transform their lives.

Winging It Workshops


Ceriann is the Founder of Winging It Club and co –founder of Winging It Workshops.

A PR consultant for more than 15 years, Ceriann has recently set up her own PR business working with companies and organisations that make a difference in the world.

Ceriann founded Winging It Club in early 2016 after the brilliant Selfish Mother brought a suggestion she made to life… ‘Winging It’ jumpers went on to a swift sell out of the first batch and became a bestseller in their shop with a significant portion of profits going to charity.

For Ceriann, ‘winging it’ isn’t about not caring about the effort you put in, it’s about allowing and pushing yourself to do something that feels right even if you don’t 100% know what you’re doing. Something which studies show women are notoriously reluctant to do. She hopes the workshops will go some way to helping people to unlock their confidence and boundless potential.


Caroline is co-founder of Winging It Workshops and is a big believer in inspiring and developing the talents of women. Having met many talented women in her life, Caroline has become fascinated with hearing their stories and wants to share them with you.

Caroline has a corporate background in talent initiatives as well as strong beliefs in and experience of creative visualisation and the law of attraction. Caroline is also in the process of becoming an accredited business and life coach.

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