Meet the Panel #7

Thrilled to introduce our panel for our ‘Wellness’ workshop special at The Garden, Hale on Thursday 20th July. We have a few tickets remaining – if you’re keen to come along to the last workshop before our summer siesta,  or to find out more, click here.

If there’s one thing you should never wing it on, it’s your health. We hope you’ll be able to pick up some tips and advice on embracing wellness and how to incorporate it into your life without it becoming another ‘thing’ to do.


The Panel


Suzy, Health Coach – Peppermint Wellness

Having clocked up 22 years as a marketing consultant, Suzy was often witness to the physical and emotional fall-out of work-related stress. She also experienced the full force of it first-hand. As a sleep-deprived mum of a toddler and a baby, she battled to cling to an impossibly stressful job that left her frighteningly underweight and cracking at the seams.

Over the last couple of decades, Suzy has had plenty of time to marvel at the way busy executives fuel themselves: drip-feeds of sugary snacks at their desk; a low-fat cup of dehydrated soup for lunch; or nothing more than a liquid diet of coffee to get through a long and demanding working day.

On a personal level, Suzy was desperate to find a solution for her son who was being treated with a bowel disorder. Following years of prescription medication, none of which helped him get better Suzy decided to find an ‘alternative’ method to treat her son when one day he announced “Please Mummy, I don’t want to take any more medicine.” Suzy was told to cut sugar and gluten from his diet for four weeks. Within days her son’s life was improved and within three weeks he was cured. Permanently.

Suzy subsequently trained with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and then the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy studying all aspects of preventative health and the far-reaching effects of emotional blocks on our wellbeing – using positive psychology to help people to focus on what is right with them and to leverage that to make sustained lifestyle changes.


Zoe – Hale Fitness

Zoe is a Cheshire based personal trainer and is passionate about fitness, health and wellbeing. Zoe runs Warrior Women Bootcamps in the area to encourage women to build strength and be the best they can be.

A firm advocate on strong over skinny, Zoe works with her clients to ensure they understand the fuel they need to feed their bodies in the right way as well as what exercise works best for them.

Zoe has also recently launched her Warrior Women’s Retreat which you can find out more about here.

Jan Bloor

Jan Bloor – Mindful Outlook

Jan runs Mindful Outlook with her colleague Jo Bentley. They look at mindfulness practice as a way of becoming ‘tuned in’ to our minds, thoughts, emotions and feelings – enabling us to have greater control over the way we respond to life’s challenges and to achieve more harmony and contentment.

Jan is passionate about the simple message of mindfulness – the idea of ‘waking up’ to the present moment, as opposed to being constantly pre-occupied with thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Having spent years, on and off, studying psychology and philosophy, in an effort to pursue peace and contentment, Jan eventually met with ‘mindfulness’ and trained at Bangor University to pass it on to others.

Our constant ‘living in the head’ often leads to stress, illness, fatigue and a general disenchantment with life. Instead of experiencing the joy of being, we instead become human ‘doings’, rarely still, rarely at peace. It was the practice of Mindfulness that helped Jan to see this by coming to be more in touch with thoughts, feelings and emotions, by ‘coming home’ to her true self.


Kate, Co-Founder, The Garden

Kate is unapologetically passionate about life. She loves to nourish her body with vibrant and nutrient rich food. Her vision for her business, The Garden was not just to offer a healthy and nutritious dining out option at an establishment that champions sustainability, but also to be a source of inspiration and collaboration with like-minded souls who share her and her team’s enthusiasm for bettering ourselves and the world we live in.

The Garden is now in its third year of business and last year celebrated its second anniversary with a pop up shop launch in Selfridges. This year has seen the business expand it’s raw juice brand and later this year is set to launch juice deliveries to Hale and the surrounding area.

Kate will have just returned from a stunning yoga retreat in Majorca with The Yoga Kula when she joins us on the panel where The Garden team catered for all of the retreat guests with the finest food for mind, body and soul.WIW

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