Maintain your modesty

Frustration is the mother of invention…

There are those of us that tut our way through frustrations and grumble and growl when seemingly small things get our goat on a daily basis. And then there are those of us that take that frustration, sprinkle some sparkle on it and come up with something that not only curtails a daily moan, but maintains our modesty all at the same time.

Ladies. I give you The Modesty Company. For anyone whose towel has ever dropped from their body at an inconvenient time when walking around the house… for anyone that has resorted to drying their hair while ‘topless’ because they grew sick of tying and re-tying their towel around their chest… this one is for you.

The Modesty Company was founded by Danielle Armstrong in 2014. Frustrated with stepping out of the shower and her towel constantly falling to her ankles as opposed to remaining neatly wrapped around her body, she realised that this was not just her problem but a problem for so many women.


Simple tasks like applying make-up, changing at the gym, beach or swimming pool, tending to the children, or relaxing after a long day are far more difficult than they need to be.

Realising there was a noticeable lack of good quality, graceful designs available, Danielle’s aim was to design something that could be functional, comfortable and stylish for all women.

Before starting The Modesty Company, Danielle was Founder of Lomax Bespoke Fitness (she was also a personal trainer and an interior designer).

WIC: Where did you get the idea to start the business?

The Modesty Company was created by my pure frustration of not being able to multitask in the morning and being quite modest. Never one to run around the house without anything on, I wanted to design and manufacture a product that was elegant, had a practical function and not exclude anyone. Coming from a fitness background, one size does not fit all, so I wanted to make sure I created something that all women could wear and feel good in.

How have you found the journey?

Hard work but totally worth it. I have a long journey ahead of me but am embracing the challenge and learning so much as I go.

Has anything helped or hindered you along the way?

Some people can be closed to change. I have found this to be biggest challenge to overcome so far. However, once people understand the product and its use I have found everything to be very helpful and very interested.


What bits would you say you have ‘winged it’ on the most? Do you have any experience of ‘winging it’ when setting up or even now?

Every day. One size does not fit all in clothing and that is certainly true in business. Every day is a little bit of winging it. I believe this is how all new business learn and grow.

Have you/did you experience self-doubt and fear?

Yes. Daily. It’s hard to put a product out there. Not everyone is going to like it, want to invest in it. Thick skin is required. I have found the best thing for me is to just keep moving forward.


Just keep moving forward. Solid advice Danielle.

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