Meet the Panel #8

Another workshop, another brilliant panel of women to share insight, expertise and support amongst an audience of ambitious and like-minded women.

We can’t wait to kick off the autumn season with this workshop at The Garden in Hale. Here are the women who will be sharing their stories on the evening.

We can’t wait to see you all.



Laura Beckford, Owner and Managing Director, Ology Kids Casting

Laura worked in the TV industry for 20 years as a TV presenter on ITV, GMTV, CITV, Sky One and MTV. Having her own radio show and releasing a number one single in Europe. After years of commercial modelling she’s had a lot of experience in many genres and is able to personally guide her clients – the children (and parents) – through the good, bad and ugly sides of the modelling industry. A mother herself, she can relate to everyone and you will regularly find her practising her yoga poses on the office decking and always pops Beyonce on when the office needs a little energy boost.


Kirsten, Founder Hello Day Planner

Kirsten runs an interior design firm so style is in her blood. But having had a planner for every year since she was 10, and knowing that writing down your tasks and goals is a powerful motivator and driving force to actually achieving them… (not to mention the ever-satisfying feeling of crossing them out once completed…) she set about launching a product that’s as much about its clever content as it is fabulous style. And thus, Hello Day Planner was born.  A stylish planner that feels fabulous to hold, great to look at and draws glances from those around you.

Kirsten’s goal is that the planners help to start each day with positivity and purpose, and end each day with a sense of accomplishment and progress.


Amalie Hughes, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Toddler Fun Learning

Toddler Fun Learning began life as a YouTube channel five years ago. Amalie left her role as Marketing Manager for a digital agency in 2014 so that she could focus on growing the business at the same time as being a mum that was able to do the drop off and pick ups at school.

The channel’s videos have now been viewed 170 million times globally and they have 210,000 subscribers.

“What started as an idea when our eldest son was two has now turned into a business where we can work with a local network of brilliant people.”

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