Winging It Workshop: Meet the Panel #9

Starting the year as we mean to go on…

Winging It Workshops 2018. They’re back. 💖✌💋💫🍾

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? If there was nothing and no one (including yourself) telling you that you couldn’t try something, start something, do something…

If you’re looking to unlock a burning ambition inside you and find a way forward, chances are the next Workshop is for you. It’s about giving yourself permission to go for something. To do it whether you feel 100% experienced, equipped or not.

There’s an amazing line up on the panel once again – ladies that have been there before – that have felt the fear and done it any way in life and business.

Introducing the panel for January’s workshop in Hale, Cheshire below… We still have a few tickets left – if  you’re keen to come – click HERE. We’d love to see you.

London workshop news will follow…


Deborah Zaazee

Deborah Todd, CEO and Founder, Zaazee

ZAAZEE is an award winning British women’s sportswear brand. Deborah grew up in a sporty family. When her mum used to ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response was always, “I just want to have fun!”.

But as she got older, sport made way for life, work and socialising – focusing less on sports and more on her then working role. Deborah was always keen to find a way to mix the two. Enter Zaazee.

Deborah launched Zaazee to empower other women to do more sports and be more active and actually enjoy working out. For Deborah, sport isn’t just about being healthy and having a good time, it’s about giving yourself more energy and determination with the challenges ahead of each day.


Amy and Laura, Co-Founders, Don’t Let Her Down

Don’t Let Her Down is the meeting of minds of two girls who have spent years struggling to smile their way through yet another present fail. DLHD’s mission is to nurture romantic relationships and make people feel good. Amy and Laura aren’t aiming to change the world, but are aiming to make birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day happier occasions – and less of a struggle when it comes to choosing presents for loved ones.

With timely prompts and carefully considered present options, DLHD aims to ensure that when it comes to gifting for your loved one, we need never fail again.

Lousie Duerr outside the GIFT & HOME store in Altrincham

Louise Duerr, Founder, GIFT + HOME

GIFT + HOME are independent gift shops stocking a wide range of eclectic and stylish gifts.

Launched by Louise Duerr in 2014 after spotting a gap in the local market, the shops have brought “a little bit of London” to Cheshire. GIFT is Louise’s first foray into retail after a challenging experience in her previous industry – food.

Louise ran baby food company, Baby Deli for eight years until the company went into liquidation. Louise dusted herself down, and three years into GIFT, launched another shop just before Christmas in Altrincham.

Harthill Weddings

Anna Du Pre, Harthill Weddings

Anna is the Founder of Harthill Weddings, a wedding and events company based in Cheshire. Harthill is launching a brand new venue to add to its portfolio this year and Anna and her team are getting set for the busy 2018 wedding season.

Winging It Workshops


Ceriann Smith is the Founder of Winging It Club and co–founder of Winging It Workshops.

A PR consultant for more than 15 years, Ceriann set up her own PR and comms business in 2017.

Ceriann founded Winging It Club in early 2016 after the brilliant Selfish Mother brought a suggestion she made to life… ‘Winging It’ jumpers went on to a swift sell out of the first batch and is now a bestseller in their store.

For Ceriann, ‘winging it’ isn’t about not caring about the effort you put in. It’s about allowing and pushing yourself to do something that feels right even if you don’t 100% know what you’re doing. Something which studies show women are notoriously reluctant to do. She hopes the workshops will go some way to helping people to unlock their confidence and boundless potential.

Caroline Britton is co-founder of Winging It Workshops and is a big believer in inspiring and developing the talents of women. Caroline launched her business and life coaching enterprise in 2017 and is passionate about supporting women and helping them to practice bravery over perfection – encouraging them to become their best self.

Caroline has a corporate background in talent initiatives as well as strong beliefs in and experience of creative visualisation and the law of attraction.

Both Ceriann and Caroline have exciting new business ventures up their sleeves for 2018. Watch this space…

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