Winging It Workshop: Meet the Panel #10

It’s here.

A little later than planned… but I hope you’ll agree this panel is worth the wait.

This is the line up of leading ladies for the Winging It Workshop at House Curious on Wednesday 7th February.

There are only a few tickets left before sell-out. Click here to join the fun.

We can’t wait to see you.



Brita Fernandez Schmidt
Brita Fernandez Schmidt is Executive Director of Women for Women International .

Brita is passionate about justice, equality and women achieving their potential. She is a renowned speaker and recently took part in a powerful TED talk in Covent Garden about the work she does in helping women in war torn countries and turning her own fears into fierce.




Erica Davies

Erica Davies is a stylist, fashion journalist and brand consultant, with over fifteen years of experience in the industry as Fashion Director on national newspapers and magazines including LOOK, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

Erica is one of the UK’s leading influencers when it comes to fashion and style through her site, The Edited and her Instagram account @erica_davies. Erica ended 2017 on a high by appearing on the front cover of STELLA Magazine with Kat Farmer (Does My Bum Look 40) and Freddie Harrell.


Natasha Lunn

Natasha is a writer and Features Editor of Red Magazine. She has recently launched ‘Conversations on Love,’ an email newsletter investigating love, one conversation at a time.

In her career to date, Natasha has interviewed leading women from Gillian Anderson to Hilary Mantel, Jane Shepherdson, Gloria Steinem, Shonda Rhimes and Cheryl Strayed.


DLHDAmy Pandazis and Laura Stockton, Co-Founders, Don’t Let Her Down

Don’t Let Her Down is the meeting of minds of two girls who have spent years struggling to smile their way through yet another present fail. DLHD’s mission is to nurture romantic relationships and make people feel good.

Amy and Laura aren’t aiming to change the world, but are aiming to make birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day happier occasions – and less of a struggle when it comes to choosing presents for loved ones.

The venue

House Curious shot

House Curious is definitely worth a mention here too…

House Curious is the brainchild of Sommer Pyne. Based in London for the last 12 years, Sommer grew up in the sunny climes of Sydney, Australia. House Curious is a coming together of the Australian lifestyle she experienced and the rich creative tapestry of London living. A keen traveller with a passion for food, interiors and design, Sommer wanted to bring all these passions to one place to share with other like-minded people.

It’s a place to learn something new with fellow inquisitive souls and share food and stories around a table.

Join us x



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