Life / Wingwoman


She may be your sister. Your best friend. Your work colleague. Your mum. Your aunty. Your boss. Your team mate. Your cousin.

And if you’re lucky, you may have more than one. She never gives up on you and wishes you could see yourself and the potential you have in the same way she sees it in you.

She lifts you up and helps your wings unfold.

She’s your Wingwoman and these bespoke, hand illustrated cards, printed in gold foil are a small way to let her know that you couldn’t do it without her.

That you’re in it together.

And you’ve got each other’s back.


The cards have been designed in collaboration with Alex Jones Illustration ahead of International Women’s Day to celebrate female friendship, empowerment and support.

Cards are available for pre-order from today via @wingingitclub DM or via WingingItClub AT Price: £3.75 + any relevant postage.

And this is just the start.

More Wingwoman news will follow in the coming weeks…

In total dedication to my ultimate Wingwoman of all time, my sister, Sian. Who has lifted me more times than I care to remember. Who we nearly lost three years ago. Who came back bigger and better than ever before. x


Credit: Sarah Tomczak, Instagram.

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