Winging It Workshop – The Manchester Edition

Winging It Workshop is coming to Manchester on 19th June.

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Join us for an evening of insight, inspiration and positive vibes as some of Manchester’s leading female entrepreneurs take us through their journeys in business and life.

In the year that the workshops have been running, at least four new businesses have been born and others have gone on to thrive. Our panels have included small business leaders, start-ups, women who have faced adversity in business and come back to succeed as well as women who started out pursuing one career, realised it wasn’t for them, then dug in to create a new path for themselves.


Illustration courtesy of Beaumont Organic

All of them have had one thing in common – they have allowed themselves to wing it at various stages of their business and lives to get them where they are today. It’s about practising for progress, not for perfection.

Join us at 6.30pm for some fizz and chatter. The panel session will start at 7pm.

The panel will be revealed in the coming weeks. Expect to be inspired.

Look forward to seeing you


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