Winging It Workshops

Winging It Workshop – The Manchester Panel

Just over a week to go to our Manchester workshop and…

Drum roll…

Here is the panel of brilliant entrepreneurs who will be sharing their insights from their business journeys to date and the wisdom that they have picked up along the way.

They inspire me on a daily basis and can’t wait for them to share some of their wisdom with you too…

We still have a few tickets left so if you’d like to come and meet these brilliant ladies, you can BOOK HERE!

The Panel

Rimi Dabhia, Founder – Love Raw

When a person has stared down a dragon and come out victorious after saying “no” to them, you know you need to meet them and find out where their pluck came from and how on earth they held it together.

Rimi 2

Rimi Dabhia. Image credit: Forbes

This person is Rimi Dabhia who founded wholesome food brand, Love Raw. Love Raw’s roots started to grow when Rimi was tired of having no energy and feeling older than her years. She knew there had to be a correlation between eating well and feeling good and wanted to create a brand that was actually healthy and nutritious (rather than one that just said it was until you got to the fine print…).

From a start of making bars at home to a company that is now producing 100,000 bars every three months and stocking in 21 countries, Rimi is proud of the brand that is fierce, vibrant and 100% transparent.


Love Raw is a family run business and as a mum, Rimi understands the strive for balance but loves it all the same.

Eleanor Bowmer – Textile Designer and Illustrator

If you have a love of leopard print and colourful, fresh design and you’re not already following Eleanor, after reading this, you need to click here...

Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Designer & Illustrator based in Manchester. Her passion lies with all things creative but above all, painting is her one true love. 


Eleanor Bowmer. Credit: Eleanor Bowmer

Eleanor has worked as a textile designer for over seven years, creating artwork for surface print which is sold to companies world wide. She has produced designs for the likes of IKEA and now for people like us and her prints, tea-towels and designs hang in some of the most stylish homes across the country. 


Rainbow. Credit: Eleanor Bowmer


Hannah Beaumont Laurencia, Director and Founder – Beaumont Organic 

Hannah is a panel member and also our workshop host for the evening, opening the doors of her brilliant business, Beaumont Organic, on Hilton Street in the northern quarter, Manchester.

Beaumont Organic, founded by Hannah in 2008, is a contemporary organic and ethical lifestyle brand, selling in 12 countries with a direct online following of over 65,000 people.

Beaumont Organic wholesales to stores worldwide and sells direct to consumers online via it’s own website and in it’s flagship concept store on Hilton Street – a destination retail space for Beaumont Organic and creative hub in Manchester.

Hannah built the business from conception and has first-hand knowledge of how to build an international brand.

Hannah 2

Hannah (and Lola) x


Winging It Workshops 



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