Winter Supper Club! 21.11.2018

*Winter Supper Club with The Garden Eatery*

Wednesday 21st November | 7pm | The Garden Eatery, Hale

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So excited to be hosting a Winter Supper Club this month with the team from The Garden Eatery in Hale. The evening will be part Winging It Workshop and part camaraderie as small biz owners and those set to take the leap combine, for a feast of inspiration and good food and, let’s face it, a night away from the laptop.

Winging It Workshops have taken place in Manchester and London over the course of the past two years and have been sell outs each time. In the time that the workshops have been running, new businesses have been born and a host of collaborations have taken place between workshop attendees.

The workshops provide inspiration and support to women who are either self-employed, thinking about starting up on their own, are already running their own business or women who need a confidence boost in the professional environment.

This Supper Club is a celebration for women who have either started something new this year or are on the path to creating a new venture of their own and perhaps have an inkling of something they’d like to pursue.

It’s so easy to forget how far we’ve come in the course of a year so we’ll also be using the evening as a way to celebrate our collective successes of the year and of course, we’ll raise a glass to our goals for the year ahead.

What’s included:

  • A welcome drink on arrival
  • An introduction from Ceriann Smith and Caroline Britton of Winging It Workshops
  • A delicious and wholesome two course meal from The Garden
  • A talk from Ceriann and Caroline on their own personal and business journeys over the past two years
  • Treats and a goody bag

Timing: 7pm arrival. 9.30 close.

We’d love to see you there


Book your ticket here

Image credit: @shoplittleblackbox_


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