A little back story for you… A story that inspired the creation of the Club.

The brilliant Selfish Mother brought a suggestion I made to life in 2016… ‘Winging It’ jumpers went on to a swift sell out of the first batch and are now bestsellers in The FMLY Store.


Me. In typical winging it when having picture taken pose.

When you realise you’re not alone at feeling like you’re winging it or facing imposter syndrome, it can be incredibly freeing. But sometimes, that feeling, is the reason we hold ourselves back. Feeling the need to be fully equipped, ‘perfect’ or more experienced is incredibly debilitating and infuriating when, ‘if only I was more confident to push myself forward, I know I could do it…’

This is what Winging It Club is about. Supporting you in giving yourself permission to go for it in whatever it is that sets the fire in your belly alight and makes your heart flutter.

You’ll see guest posts from brilliant and inspirational women here. Some musings from me on related subject matters and talking points. As well as information on workshops and Club happenings that will be taking place throughout 2018.

The Winging It movement has begun. Embrace it. Because nobody has it all figured out. We’re in it together.

Ceriann x


Red 2InStyleES


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